5 Tips for Healthier Hair

5 Tips for Healthier Hair

Having a great head of hair depends on a series of factors — genetics, hormonal health, diet and stress management. But making a few lifestyle changes and adjustments can greatly improve our hair health and give it the extra boosts that it needs! Here are our five tips for healthy-looking hair: 

1. Trim your hair regularly 💇‍♀️

A regular trim at the barber removes pesky split ends that make your hair more prone to breakage, help tame frizziness and make hair easier to style and manage from day-to-day. So don't skip the trim!  

2. Swap the hair dryer for a towel ☀️

Reduce heat damage by letting your hair air dry or using a towel instead of going for the hair dryer. Limiting the use of heat or hot tools on your hair can prevent your hair from excessive drying and breakage, thereby reducing hair fall. 

3. Try a silk or satin pillowcase 💤

Consider investing in a silk or satin pillowcase instead of  sleeping on a cotton one. Silk and satin absorb less moisture from your skin, keeping your scalp and hair hydrated and smooth while you catch your beauty sleep!  

4. Avoid tight hairstyles ❌

Wearing tight hairstyles (like a tight ponytail) that pull too frequently can damage your hair follicles and lead to hair loss, especially in the hairline area. So do so sparingly or loosen it up whenever you decide to pull your hair back or wear it in a bun. 

5. Choosing the right hair care products 🌱

Cultivating a wholesome hair care routine can go a long way! We recommend following shampooing with a conditioner to keep your hair soft, shiny and protected. Choose hair products, like our Li'bra range that are free from sulfates and harsh chemicals to ensure your hair stays hydrated all day long. 

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