7 Ways to Balance Mind, Body and Soul

7 Ways to Balance Mind, Body and Soul

Taking root in Eastern and Western philosophies, the idea of interconnectedness between the mind, body and soul is not a new concept. But what does it look like to implement this holistic principle in the 21st century as a form of self-care? Here are seven ways to cultivate balance in mind, body and soul:

1. Time to reflect can exist in the form of meditation, journaling or anything really intended to create a sacred pause in your busy schedule. The main idea is to be fully present in the moment so we can better assess the state of our internal world, how we relate to our environment at any given moment, and making necessary shifts whenever accessible. 

2. Prioritise rest. Studies have confirmed many times over that sleep is indeed essential to our health. Sufficient quality rest sustains proper organ function, improves cognitive performance and help with mood regulation. Although not always possible, try your best to squeeze in 6-8 hours of sleep each night! 

3. A balanced diet is more than chowing down on a big green salad  (even though it can very well be part of it). The main takeaway is making sure we're consuming the essential macronutrients from various food groups. It could also mean reducing our intake of processed foods. Every step counts and it's about progress, not perfection! 

4. Energy release to remove stress and enhance creativity. Create a healthy outlet to expense pent-up energy to alleviate daily pressures, curb anxiety or simply to remedy a bad day. It's important to tailor this to your needs and interests. For some it might be listening to energising music and to others a heart-pumping workout. 

5. Connect with nature. We get it. Not everyone is a nature person and that is perfectly okay. If frequent hikes in the deep mountains is your jam? Wonderful! But for the rest of us it could simply mean taking an evening stroll at the park or going outside for fresh air.

6. Purposeful work, in many cases, is the key to invigorate your soul. Doing purposeful work, whether it be in your daily job, as a side hustle, pursuing hobbies or contributing in charitable means, should align with your own value system. Done right, purposeful work allows you to make fuller sense of your role in your community, organisation and the broader fabric of society. 

7. Meaningful relationships with other like-minded individuals are sacred blessings. As human beings, we have the innate desire to be seen, heard and valued. And the right group of people should make feel just that. Interactions with your tribe will leave you feel inspired, appreciated and motivated. 

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