• Avocado Oil

    Vitamins B and E retain hydration, leaving skin feeling healthy, soft, and supple.

  • Broccoli Extract

    Rich in antioxidants that protect skin and hair from environmental aggressors and UV damage.

  • Coconut Oil

    Contains reparative properties that improve the appearance of dry hair and cracked skin.

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Moisture Restore Shampoo

Gently cleans but never overstripping. Powerful natural ingredients keep hair perfectly hydrated.

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Revitalize + Repair Conditioner

Give your hair the love it deserves with our conditioner, rich in plant oils and reparative properties.

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Skin Balancing Body Wash

Body care is skincare. Experience the nourishing effects of our Skin Balancing Body Wash.

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Soganics Household Cleaners

Meet Soganics - an imported brand of plant-based cleaners that deliver on performance.

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Plant powered everyday essentials that are better for you, your family + our planet.

  • Plant-based ingredients

    Made with good-for-you plant oils and natural ingredients.

  • No harmful chemicals

    Free from harsh chemicals, artificial dyes, and common irritants.

  • Safer for sensitive skin

    Gentle formulas that are safer to use on dry, sensitive skin.

  • No animals harmed

    No animal derivatives or testing. 100% vegan and Muslim-friendly.

  • Meet The (Co)Founders

    Meet Carmen and Jeremy, the partners behind Libra Wellness.

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    A virtual space to explore balance in mind, body and soul.

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