25 Ways to Use Soganics Multi-Purpose Cleaner

25 Ways to Use Soganics Multi-Purpose Cleaner

The Soganics Multi-Purpose Cleaner is hands-down one of our favourite products from the Libra Wellness family! Not only is it made with natural ingredients, it is 100% plant-based, vegan, and non-toxic, making it safer to use around young children and indoor pets. 

Health and safety benefits aside, it is one of the most versatile cleaning product we have ever experienced in the market, really! All you need is one bottle to clean up all the messes. Simply spray product on desired surface and wipe clean, it's that easy. 

To make things even easier, we've compiled a list of 25 ways you can put our multi-purpose cleaner into good use: 

  1. Marble 
  2. Granite 
  3. Tiles 
  4. Wood 
  5. Stainless steel 
  6. Countertops 
  7. Leather, real and faux! 
  8. Painted walls 
  9. Vinyl 
  10. Acrylic 
  11. Basin/sinks
  12. Laminate 
  13. Vehicle tyres (cars, motorcycles and bikes included!)
  14. Car dashboard and interior 
  15. Shoes 
  16. Screened/mobile devices 
  17. Wearable tech devices (headphones, fitness watches, etc.)
  18. Game consoles and accessories 
  19. Kitchen appliances 
  20. Bathroom
  21. Closet/wardrobe 
  22. Vanity and/or makeup storage 
  23. Purses and bags 
  24. Pet toys and accessories 
  25. Whiteboards and easels 

What is your favourite way to use the Soganics Multi-Purpose Cleaner? Haven't had the chance to try it out? Get yours here! 

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