Common Ground Named Top 10 Shampoo

Common Ground Named Top 10 Shampoo

Libra Wellness is honoured to have their best-selling Common Ground shampoo shortlisted as one of the "Top 10 Natural Shampoos in Malaysia" by Teh Talk

Please see excerpt below, which originally published on Teh Talk

Top 10 Natural Shampoo In Malaysia

Published on 24th April, 2022 | Written by Sarran

Organic shampoos, unlike commercial shampoos, clean your hair with natural components without taking away moisture! Or it might irritate your scalp! However, since the phrases such as organic shampoo and natural shampoo elicit a good response from clients, many businesses take advantage of this by mislabeling their products. Even if there are just one or two natural elements in the recipe! However, if you examine attentively, you’ll see that the real amount of “natural” substances may be extremely little! So in this article, it will be given a guide on choosing the best natural shampoo Malaysia offers. As we know Malaysia is known for its best cosmetics and beauty products and services Most of these brands could be bought through a wellness online store. ___________________________________________________________________

2. Common Ground Natural & Organic Shampoo by Libra Wellness
Common Ground Natural Shampoo is designed with pure, quality plant-based components gathered from nature to be simple but effective and suitable for eco-conscious customers. Their shampoo is specially created for men and women with various sorts of hair types. It nourishes the scalp, prevents dandruff, and encourages hair growth.

  • Available size: 250ml & 500ml
  • Suitable for all hair types, including slightly wavy and colour-treated hair, benefit from this pH-balanced product.
  • Key ingredients are including Avocado oil extracts that are high in vitamin B and E, which assist to maintain hair’s hydration and vitality from pollution.

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