"Naughty Nine" Ingredients We Avoid

"Naughty Nine" Ingredients We Avoid

We understand that what goes into our products matter. Which is why we work with chemists and labs to develop formulas free from harsh chemicals and common irritants. Here are some of the ingredients you'll never find in our products any why we avoid them: 

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is a byproduct of petroleum and is usually incorporated in cosmetics, lotions, ointments, and creams to keep moisture from escaping by creating a "barrier" on your skin. This can in turn clog your pores and increase the likelihood or acne. 


Parabens were first introduced in the market as a preservative to give personal care and skincare products a longer shelf life. However, it's believed to disrupt hormone function when it enters the body through the skin, which is why we stay away from it at all costs! 

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS, is one of the more harmful ingredients that exist in hair and personal care products. SLS leaves a residue on the skin that could cause dehydration and irritability, especially to those with sensitive skin. 

Artificial Colours 

Dyes and artificial colours are often used in products to make it look more appealing but is most of the time, unnecessary. The downside to this is that artificial colourants can cause inflammation, irritation and unwanted redness to your skin.

Ethyl Alcohol 

When alcohols, especially ethanol, isopropanol, and methanol, are heavily present in your personal care products, it becomes a big problem. While your skin can look great when you first apply an alcohol-based product, alcohol will cause your skin to become dry, can damage the protective barrier of your skin, and can create problems with how your skin renews and replenishes itself in the long term.

Good to know: Some of our products, like our Revitalize + Repair Conditioner for example, contain ingredients like cetearyl and cetyl alcohol. These are known as fatty alcohols that can be found naturally in plant oils, and their effects on the skin is very different from "regular" ethyl alcohol, such as ethanol. Fatty alcohols are considered safe and effective for skin.


Formaldehyde is a pungent gas used as a preservative in skincare, soaps, and sometimes even baby products. Formaldehyde has been routinely linked to cancer, birth defects, and even asthma.


When exposed to silicone long-term, pores on skin get clogged. Silicone traps  bacteria, impurities, dirt, and sebum in your skin, causes pores to enlarge, and can also encourage blackheads and acne to form.

Cocamide DEA

In small doses, DEA can cause itchiness and rash on the skin. Large doses, however, are potentially carcinogenic (cause cancer) to humans‚ÄĒespecially as it builds up in the system over time.¬†

Propylene Glycol 

Another byproduct of petroleum, propylene glycol, like mineral oils, forms a seal on the skin to prevent moisture from escaping. However, as time goes by, your skin will appear parched and dry, exaggerating the look of wrinkles and fine lines. 

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